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Millennium Pest Control Taunton provide fast response pest control services to the surrounding areas of Taunton which includes Bridgwater, Burnham on Sea, Ilminster, Martock, Sherbourne, Wellington and Yeovil.

Wasp nest removal Taunton

Exterminating wasp nests in the loft, roof, gardens for both domestic and commercial properties eradicated in one visit.

Flea Fumigation Taunton

Professional flea treatments either in your home or office, 95% of fumigations are clear of infestation with 1 visit, Most fumigations will take 1 hour and there will be an exclusion time of 4 hours. Read more essential customer information about our flea fumigation treatments.

Mice exterminator Taunton

Same day response for both domestic and commercial properties, two treatments carried out over 7 to 10 days.

Bed Bug control Taunton

Fast becoming the areas leading bed bug exterminating company. We control bed bugs with two treatments to all areas of the property. The extermination is carried out across a 14 day period. An average property will take between 1 and 2 hours to fumigate, and there will be an exclusion time of 4 hours. Read more essential pre and post customer information for your bed bug control programme.

Rat control Taunton

Fast same day emergency response carried out over 7 to 10 days. All our technicians are equipped with the industries latest non resistant poisons, traps and baiting stations.

Cockroach removal Taunton

Professional same day response eradicating all types of cockroaches, using flushing agents, gel baits and residual insecticides during our treatment programme. Read more essential customer information regarding our cockroach control programme.

Clothes/carpet moth extermination Taunton

Professional fumigation service treating all skirting areas, ceilings, carpets and wardrobes including any infected furniture. Read more essential customer information regarding moth control.

Exterminating Ants Taunton

Combining the use of gel baits and the latest residual insecticides normally allows us to control these nuisance pests within one visit. Read more essential customer information regarding ant control.

Controlling flies Taunton

Flies are a nuisance pest at different times throughout the year. Depending on the species different methods of control maybe required. This may involve fogging/smoking the loft or applying a residual spray to window frames, ceilings, walls and light fittings.

Please call your local pest controller today, where a helpful member of our team will be happy to help you.

Contact your Local Taunton Office:

  • Taunton 01823 729660
  • Bridgwater 01278 553866
  • Burnham on Sea 01278 553523
  • Ilminster 01460 201476
  • Martock 01935 313879
  • Wellington 01823 215417
  • Yeovil 01935 312566
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Rats and Mice

We have been called to an increasing number of rat and mice infestations as the colder weather has forced rodents to seek warmer shelter.

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Millennium Pest Control Ltd specialises in the control of mole infestations. Molehills are the result of soil excavations from tunneling activities of the mole.

The tunnel network can be extensive and in light soil a mole can create up to 100m of new tunnels in a day damaging plant roots and ruining the lawn surface.


For severe infestations fumigation gassing can be undertaken using Aluminium phosphide compounds with combined trapping by our professional mole catchers.



Alternatively See our Mole Traps below which we sell in our pest control shop, we provide instruction and tips for setting the trap to catch these nuisance garden pest. Also available is a powerful battery operated Ultrasonic Mole Deterrent Repeller a must for keeping moles away

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Rodent Boxes

We have a range of rodent boxes and poisoned baits available to buy online.

As with all poisons, there is a legal requirement that the boxes and surrounding area are to be checked regularly for dead rodents. This is to prevent poisoning of non targeted species and secondary poisoning of wildlife. These boxes come in plastic or steel form. We recommend that the boxes are securely fitted to walls or the floor.

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