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Targetted Pest Control - Flies

Fumigation treatments by our trained operatives and Fly Control, Cluster Fly Control and Mosquito and Insect Repellents for use at your home.

Flies, Cluster Flies, Mosquitoes, Flying Insects and Insect Repellents

Cluster Flies in Your Loft,  Attic , or  Bedrooms  ( FUMIGATION TREATMENTS FROM £110 - £150+VAT)

Cluster Flies inhabit roof spaces between September through to March. The adults lay the eggs externally in flowerbeds and compost heaps. When colder weather arrives they seek shelter to hibernate over winter in roof voids and cavities. Thousands can accumulate leaving householders devastated in early spring when the flies decide to vacate the roof spaces and invade the living areas of the properties.

We will come to your property and  exterminate the fly infestation, by carrying out a foggging/mist treatment to your roof void, loft or attic. We will also a apply a residual insecticide to upper level window frames, dormer windows, velux windows e.t.c  where infestations of flies can also accumulate

To book your local cluster fly fumigation team please call: FREEPHONE   0800 0854460


Blue Bottle Flies

Blue Bottle Flies mainly infest decaying organic or mammal carcases. They are renowned for feeding on animal excrement, which makes them a huge environmental pest carrying thousands of bacterial diseases.


Common/Lesser House Fly

The Common House Fly can be found in most households throughout the UK. They breed in and around rubbish dumps and decaying matter. Like the Blue Bootle they are famed for carrying a whole host of unwanted diseases. Removing breeding sites is of up most importance when trying to eradicate infestations.

Lesser House Flies thrive in poultry manure and are found around predominately farming environments. House owners in the region of these sites will be able to identify the flies by their erratic flight patterns around lights internally and externally of their properties.


Cluster Flies – We carry out a insecticidal fogging treatment (containing permethrin) to the loft space and also we can use insecticide smoke generators where required.

A four hour exclusion time is required after this treatment is completed.

House Flies – Fly bag traps, spray treatments to window frames, ceilings and light fittings or domestic electric fly killers.

For sprays a four hour exclusion time is required after this treatment is completed.


Pest Control Shop

As well as offering a comprehensive pest eradication programme, we also have a proven range of DIY pest control products to treat smaller infestations. All of our orders are dispatched same day when ordering before 2pm and have fast, discrete delivery.