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Targetted Pest Control - Moles

Make an appointment and quotaion with our professional mole catchers 0800 0854460, or see our DIY Mole traps that you can use in your garden for catching moles.


Millennium Pest Control Ltd specialises in the control of mole infestations. Molehills are the result of soil excavations from tunneling activities of the mole.

The tunnel network can be extensive and in light soil a mole can create up to 100m of new tunnels in a day damaging plant roots and ruining the lawn surface.


For severe infestations fumigation gassing can be undertaken using Aluminium phosphide compounds with combined trapping by our professional mole catchers.



Alternatively See our Mole Traps below which we sell in our pest control shop, we provide instruction and tips for setting the trap to catch these nuisance garden pest. Also available is a powerful battery operated Ultrasonic Mole Deterrent Repeller a must for keeping moles away

Pest Control Shop

As well as offering a comprehensive pest eradication programme, we also have a proven range of DIY pest control products to treat smaller infestations. All of our orders are dispatched same day when ordering before 2pm and have fast, discrete delivery.